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J & S Enterprises

Woodworking Division


Plastic Bag Trash Box

Here's a quick project that will accomplish more than one task for the home.

Everyone needs more waste baskets, for the bath, the kids rooms, the playroom, the shop, wherever. We all have a plentiful supply of those plastic bags from the grocer or our favorite shopping mart, also.

This plywood box is sized to hold the plastic bags and keep thier handles looped outside for easy removal when full, while providing a neat storage area for the bags themselves.

One sheet of 1/2 inch plywood will render four of these boxes. The only tools needed are a saw that will cut curves, and a drill. If a router and bits are available, have fun and get creative with edges and handles! Hardware consists of only 12 - 1 1/4 inch drywall screws for each box. Some wood glue and the finish or paint of your choice complete the list of items required.

Here's a hint, let the kids choose and paint thier own artistic impressions to personalize thier own trash box, they love it!

Simply follow the cutting diagram (be sure to leave enough for the width of cuts), then glue and screw the pieces together. Sand all corners, edges, and handles, or router any designs or edges you choose. Finish or paint to your own personal preference and clear up that clutter of plastic bags!

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