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J & S Enterprises

Woodworking Division


This fine old oak bench had been relegated to a spot beneath an old Live Oak tree,behind a 1903 bank building,in Briggs,TX. The owner of the property had no use for it,so I hauled it to the shop(along with it's "protective layer" of beer cans,trash and bird stuff!)

The top was totally warped,and the adhesive had long since stopped adhering! The only thing holding it all together was it's 1/2" iron thru and lag bolts,but I could tell it had character!

From the rusted A-10 vise (with a dovetailed brass screw insert) I fixed the construction to be late 1800's.

Let the ressurection begin !! disassembly,plane and joint all of the 2-1/2" square top planks, and the 2-1/2" by 6" breadboard ends (shoulda used a metal detector first),legs,braces,and stretchers. I got lucky and only had to remove about 1/4" of material from all surfaces. Re-assemble with carpenter's glue,and all original hardware.Wire brush and fabricate maple jaws for the vise and re-attach it.

I lost count of the coats of tung oil (thirsty wood!),but this was going to have a working place in my shop, so it needed the protection.

It took a lot of time and patience, but now is once again being put to the use it was intended for, about a century ago !

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