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J & S Enterprises

Woodworking Division


A few things y'all oughta know about these projects:

First, you won't find plans for the heirloom shrunk,or that Chippendale you've always wanted. These projects are for everyday use.

Second, you don't have to be a master carpenter or cabinet maker to understand the instructions or plans. These projects are for the everyday handyman and do-it-yourselfer.

Third, you won't have to mortgage the house to buy specialized tools. These projects are for the everyday basic tools that most folks have in thier garages or basements.

Fourth, you won't be involved in these projects for weeks or months. These projects are for a weekend or a day off.

Fifth and Final, these projects are for fun, and to give you that extra bookcase, desk, TV stand,or whatever, that you want with the satisfaction that comes with a project completed in your own "shop" with your own hands.

Work safe, and enjoy...The Woodman

Here are a few projects to get you started.

(With a few of my "pets" thrown in!)

I will only include projects which I have actually completed,so if you run into problems...ask!

Study Desk... Great For Students!

Rescued 1800's Workbench... Found under a Live Oak tree !

Adirondack Chair... A favorite summertime relaxation spot !

Plastic Bag Trash Box... Clear That Clutter !

2X12 Carry Chair... Have A Quick Seat !

I'll be adding more projects, as time allows. Check back often !

Honey, I need a... from my honey-do list !

Well,it finally happened...I got Caught At Work !

Git on back,to The Wood Shed !